Pro Serve Legal

About Us

Established in 1979, formerly known as Jerry Lobin Process Service. We take great pride in handling all the service needs of our clients.
With over 40 years of experience we will continue to provide our excellent service with integrity, commitment, and at a great value.
ProServe Legal has a renewed focus on technology integration which will enable our clients to reduce administrative burdens by having real time access to job progress.

Real time access to your case

While in the field, our process servers update your job directly into our online platform. So you are never in the dark and know if your case has been served.

Case specific compliance

No more micromanaging the servers, our software includes the specific compliance documents to ensure proper service is performed as requested.

Online simplicity

With online ordering capabilities, upload your case to our dedicated mailbox, pay via credit card and we will update your case every step of the way.